HUMIHumanities Media Interface (Keio University; Japan)
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Este estudo adotou como criterios de inclusao ser pediatra vinculado ao HUMI e ter tempo de experiencia profissional minimo de seis meses.
Trabajo como periodista y a fines de los setenta comenzo a incursionar en el campo del relato infantil realizando adaptaciones y publicando cuentos en revistas, entre ellas Humi en 1981.
Humi, "Factorisation of separable partial differential equations," Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General, vol.
By engaging with these women we help them with their self-esteem, sense of empowerment and support their growth and re-integration into society," explained Humi Yoshikawa, fashion doyen and founding partner, T.R.Y.
For example, when Edmund's head is found guarded by a wolf in a forest, emphasis is placed on its position on the ground and between the wolf's feet: "Quippe immanis lupus eo loci divina miseratione est repertus, qui illud sacrum caput inter brachia conplexus procumbebat humi" (12: 40-42, emphasis mine).
idem hominum genus, qui Monocoli vocarentur, singulis cruribus, mirae pernicitatis ad saltum; eosdem Sciapodas vocari, quod in maiore aestu humi iacentes resupini umbra Se pedum protegant.) (52)
[1] Setor de Neonatologia do HUMI, Hospital Universitario Materno Infantil, Universidade Federal do Maranhao UFMA.
I typically use a standard HUMI manipulator (Harris-Kronner Uterine Manipulator Injector by CooperSurgi-cal), and I dock the patient-side cart between the patient's legs rather than on the side.
The Ibrox No.2 takes his side back to Parkhead tonight for the second time in quick succession for a Scottish Cup replay - just 10 days after they were humi l iated there in a 3-0 SPL trouncing.
do humi ...'; this would suggest an ownership note of the Ordo Humiliatorum.