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HUMINTHuman Intelligence
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Based on lessons learned and conversations with fellow SFAB S-2s, the author strongly recommends further modifying the MTOE to move the senior warrant officer SMEs for CI, HUMINT, intelligence and electronic warfare, and all-source intelligence from the MI company to the brigade S-2 section.
Meeting this threat means investing in human intelligence (HUMINT) capabilities at home--not just at the federal level, but also at the state and local levels.
Although Colonel O'Hern acknowledges the contributions of other intelligence disciplines and the importance of intelligence "cross-cue" only in passing, his insights into HUMINT offer excellent education to intelligence professionals throughout the community.
(8) Due to its culture and its quality, Navy and Marine Corps HUMINT can rapidly integrate change, such as shifts to enemy counterinterrogation techniques like those advertised in jihadi chat rooms.
When the Air Force ISR Agency was charged with re-establishing HUMINT in the Air Force in May 2007, two Air Force Reserve officers were brought on active-duty orders to lead the team.
The first was HUMINT (human intelligence), made up of positive intelligence, counterintelligence, and counterespionage, and the second was CA (covert action), consisting of propaganda and political action operations, which, at their most potent, involved regime change.
Three major intelligence disciplines or "INTs"-signals intelligence (sigint), imagery intelligence (imint), and human intelligence (humint)-provide the most important information for analysts and absorb the bulk of the intelligence budget.
The HCT training program primary audience is HUMINT Collectors (97E) and Counterintelligence Special Agents (97B) of all ranks who are task organized into HCTs.
The task of training human intelligence (HUMINT) collectors to comply with legal principles is not overly complicated or time consuming.
The story mentions that a former CIA analyst sees this move as a benefit to the IC because of DEA's strong human intelligence (HUMINT) capabilities, but he does not think the inherent conflict in the missions and operations of investigative and intelligence agencies will be a significant drawback.
Biological Espionage is about the Soviet methods of Human Intelligence (HUMINT).
Senator Chambliss focuses on one personal objective, that of creating a military intelligence subcommittee within the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and three organizational objectives: creating a Director of Military Intelligence, much as Lieutenant General James Clapper (USAF ret.) sought to do in the 1990s; improving intelligence sharing across disciplinary stove-pipes and at all times, not just at the finished product level; and revitalizing clandestine human intelligence collection (HUMINT).