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Army HUMINT collector course, I understood that each individual was unique in their ability to cope.
HUMINT Can Help Law Enforcement Stop Terrorist Attacks
Although Colonel O'Hern acknowledges the contributions of other intelligence disciplines and the importance of intelligence "cross-cue" only in passing, his insights into HUMINT offer excellent education to intelligence professionals throughout the community.
This fact, combined with the Reserve having a pool of folks with the right background and skills for this mission set, led the AF ISR Agency to kick off the rebirth of a service HUMINT program with Reservists.
First, CA operations began to compete with HUMINT operations for the only resources the CIA had--money and manpower.
7) This training is extremely important immediately preceding a deployment because it reminds each HUMINT collector that his specialty is unique and subject to additional regulations.
The author ends the book with a list of potential targets located worldwide and the recommendation that world intelligence agencies develop and collaborate on HUMINT in order to achieve biological security.
The system used to manage HUMINT has a HUMINT operations cell (HOC) at the apex of the system, operational management teams (OMTs) in the centre, and tactical human intelligence teams (THTs) at tactical level.
The BR includes the 2nd Hussars Regiment, the only HUMINT regiment in the CFAT, the 44th and 54th Signals Regiments for electronic warfare, the 61st Artillery Regiment with its fast CL-289 and slower Sperwer tactical UAVs, and the airmobile intelligence group of the 1st Regiment of Combat Helicopters.
The CIA provided two specific HUMINT [Human Intelligence] reports that support this assessment, both of which indicated that Saddam Hussein's regime arrested and in some cases executed Wahhabists and other Islamic extremists that opposed him.
The unit conducted intelligence operations and developed a highly reliable HUMINT source.
I'm thinking the product was developed for HUMINT spies who needed to fend off the common cold in those Afghan winters.