HUMRAAMHMMWV-mounted Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile system
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Raytheon, Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace and Boeing have collaborated to develop two surface launchers for Raytheon's AIM-120 Amraam family: the trailer-mounted six-missile Norwegian Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System (Nasams), which entered service with the Royal Norwegian Air Force in 1995 and the 'Humraam' launcher, based on the Hummer, now in the final stage of development.
These systems are deployed on varying platforms including ships (Ticonderoga class, Arleigh Burke class, Nimitz class, and Wasp class) and aircraft (Hawkeye) as well as land-based units (Patriot and HUMRAAM) for test purposes.
The version seen on the cover of this supplement is the US Marine Corps Humraam Claws lifted by a CH-53 Super Stallion.