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HUMSHealth and Usage Monitoring System
HUMSHealth and Usage Management System
HUMSHrvatske Udruge Medicinskih Sestara (Croatian: Croatian Nurses Association)
HUMSHormozgan University of Medical Science (Bandar Abbas, Iran)
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'Don't let her bear more tull the north'ard than west-by-north,' I said tull hum, 'an' ye wull be all right.' An' I went below an' turned un.
He asks every shup he meets upon the sea tull ot last he meets wuth a shup thot's been tull Voloparaiso, an' the captun o' thot shup tells hum the way.' An' Jummy scratches hus head an' says he understands an' thot ut's a very sumple motter after all."
A French barque was lyin' alongside the dock an' I spoke tull the captun, askun' hum what he would charge when work for the day was done, tull haul clear for a couple o' hours an' let me un.
"An' next marnun', just uz I'm after dressun', the steward says, 'A mon tull see ye, sir.' 'Fetch hum un,' says I.
The gas could be used in place of naphtha as a feedstock for producing ammonia/urea at a nitrogenous fertiliser plant in Hums. Clean gas could also be supplied to a 600MW power station and a steel complex at Zara', near Hums.
The phenomenon became popularly known as the "hum of the Earth".
The father had to pay US$700,000 in cash for the release of one of his sons abducted on the main road being used to "safely" reach Hums. The son, also an engineer aged 32 working on the firm's contract to re-habilitate a private complex of office and residential buildings in Hums.
"Usually we go out and collect hums by asking people to hum, this is the first time we have had a humming booth," Dr Kim said.
Hums is a condition-based maintenance system that monitors the health and usage of an aircraft's drive train to addresses any maintenance and safety problems.
The best way to defend Damascus is blocking Hums. This time in 2012, wounded fighters and ammunition were pouring in through the Lebanese border.
Scientists at Bangor University have said that the source of a hum can be difficult to trace.