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HUNHungarian (language)
HUNHuntingdon (Amtrak station code; Huntingdon, WV)
HUNHacettepe Üniversitesi (Turkey)
HUNHackers Underground Network
HUNHualien, Taiwan - Hualien (Airport Code)
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The HRP considers that conversation between leaders of political parties normal in a democratic society,'' he said, adding the leak was ''a bad attempt'' by Hun Sen to divide the opposition.
Rainsy helped to found the country's only viable opposition, the Cambodia National Rescue Party, which came close to beating Hun Sen's Cambodian People's Party in the 2013 national elections.
He was ousted by forces loyal to Hun Sen and his Cambodian People's Party in a bloody coup in 1997.
If I were Hun Sen, I would want to be a legit government of my people .
Earlier in the day, Hun Sen was given the ceremonial reception at the Rashtrapati Bhawan.
The ministry of the interior should look into this," Hun Sen told a group of garment workers.
In an Instagram account, Dingdong posted a picture showing him and Marian standing behind Hun Sen and Arroyo (photo above).
To give just one example of how such sources might have deepened the author's understanding, Huy Due's Ben Thang Cube [The 'Winning Side] (New York: Osin Books, 2012) offers a wealth of information based on interviews with leading Vietnamese figures and is supported by primary documentation about the Socialist Republic of Vietnam's sponsorship of Hun Sen, explaining why he became its Khmer interlocutor of choice.
Throughout Sebastian Strangio's carefully annotated discussion he chooses the word "mirage" as suggesting a leitmotif for understanding what has happened during Hun Sen's prime ministership, and why.
CEO of Hun, Li Qing, added : "As one of the innovation leaders in China's mutual fund industry, Hun is dedicated to product and business innovation to meet investors' growing demand for wealth management and asset allocation.
Don't expect to see Hun Sen's death, it is not easy," he said.
Facing political opposition and diminished Chinese support, Hun Sen government seeks greater regional integration