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HUNKHuman Unit Never Killed
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"Give me my old ale, and my hunk of bread and cheese."
Just as I was moaning out the closing hunks of that word, I touched off one of my electric connections and all that murky world of people stood revealed in a hideous blue glare!
"You are a deceitful old hunks, Bazin; that is not true."
Whenever a rich old hunks or prodigal heir or bankrupt corporation gets into the notion of putting up a palace, there is no such thing in the world as stopping either of them, and this every intelligent person knows.
Great fangs sunk into the carcass tearing away huge hunks, the mightiest of the apes obtaining the choicest morsels, while the weaker circled the outer edge of the fighting, snarling pack awaiting their chance to dodge in and snatch a dropped tidbit or filch a remaining bone before all was gone.
Cutting off some substantial hunks from the flesh of the /inco/ which we had brought with us, we proceeded to toast them on the end of sharp sticks, as one sees the Kafirs do, and ate them with relish.
HE was open, liberal, gallant, gay; I a crafty hunks of cold and stagnant blood, with no passion but love of saving, and no spirit beyond a thirst for gain.
The little man sat down again upon the pavement with the negligent ease of one who was thoroughly accustomed to pavements; and placing three hunks of coarse bread before himself, and falling to upon a fourth, began contentedly to work his way through them as if to clear them off were a sort of game.
New Delhi [India], Dec 6 ( ANI ): Bollywood hunk John Abraham, who recently got the opportunity to meet Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama, has described the meeting as the 'closest' he has got to spirituality.
Hero MotoCorp, an India-based automaker, has withdrawn its Hero Xtreme and Hero Hunk motorcycles from its website.
The Iranian hunk may have caught Spears' eye from the get-go since they exchanged numbers after talking about sushi the first time they met.
Hunks who might just show up include reality TV star Mark Wright, I'm a Celebrity runner-up George Shelley, Aidan himself or The Night Manager star Tom Hiddleston.