HUNPHrvatska Udruga Nastavnika Povijesti (Croatian: Croatian Association of History Teachers)
HUNPHerziene Uniform Nederlandse Politie (Dutch)
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The recombinant THUKRGILTLKY (THUA), THU-SRYWAIRTR (THUNP), His6-ubiquitin-KRGILTLKY (HUA), or His6-ubiquitinSRYWAIRTR (HUNP) was individually overexpressed in E.
Treatment of C1R-B*27:04 with THUA, HUA, THUNP, HUNP, or THU had no effect on the expression levels of B27-HC (Figure 2(c)).
However, an increased W6/32-reactive cell population was not observed when C1R-B*27:04 cells were treated with THU, HUA, or HUNP (Figures 3(a)-3(d)).
Caption: Figure 1: SDS-PAGE analysis of the recombinant THUNP, THUA, THU, HUNP, and HUA.