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HUNSHCMC (Ho Chi Minh City) University of Natural Sciences
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Returning to the rose garden, he stood among the Hun trampled blooms and bushes above the grave of his dead-with bowed head he stood there in a last mute farewell.
I had a lot riding on these birds, pulling up stakes in Colorado and moving to Montana largely on the basis of the state's bird hunting, Huns in particular.
He worked so hard to pass his tests And so he earned his wings Now was is chance to get those huns Who wallowed in their sins 'A Jerry on the port side, sir,' the navigator cried 'I've got him in my sights And God, please be my guide.
The Huns were a group of nomadic pastoral people who, appearing from beyond the Volga, migrated into Europe in AD 370 and built up an enormous empire in Europe.
The multitude of [Goths] escaping from the murderous savagery of the Huns, who spared not the life of woman or of child, amounted to not less than two hundred thousand men of fighting age.
Only a couple of seasons back a couple of friends and I flushed twenty-two coveys of wild Huns in a single day, and if you don't think that was exciting, you're reading the wrong magazine.