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HUOHans-Ulrich Obrist (curator and art critic)
HUOHome Use Only
HUOHourly Urine Output
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Rimbaud transformed his genre, upending the conventions of its meter and rhyme; HUO has reconfigured the genre of the interview, distilling and transforming the informational mass of prose, with its disparate themes and motifs--and the usual who, what, when, where, why, and how--into artifact, a poem of idea and emotion.
But the aggregate, the sheer volume and international scope of the interviews HUO has done over the past two decades, gathers the individual voices--the individual poems--into a master poem, not one rooted in a single nation or heritage, but a vital global epic.
Tapes, such as the ones HUO used in his interviews years ago and still sometimes uses, disintegrate.