HUPACHealth Underwriters Political Action Committee (National Association of Health Underwriters)
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The operator of the project is ADY Container, which has implemented this trip together with Hupac Intermodal," said the source.
Acording to Hupac, following this transaction, ERS would continue to be a fully independent company, and its co-operation with G&Ws Freightliner subsidiary for the provision of traction services would be strengthened.
Hupac added, with this acquisition it expects to strengthen its footprint in the European port hinterland logistics market, with the ERS network based on German ports complementing its existing routes from Antwerpen and Rotterdam.
Swiss freight forwarding company Hupac has acquired a 25% stake in railway transport firm Crossrail for an undisclosed sum.
Together with the launch of the terminal Hupac announced traffic figures for 2009.
Hupac has been active on the Chinas rail transport market for almost 10 years, and established a subsidiary in Shanghai since 2015.
Among the projects partners are Kombiverkehr, DB Cargo, Lokomotion, SBB Cargo Germany, KLT Kombi-Terminal Ludwigshafen, Hupac, Hoyer, Paneuropa Transport, and Bertschi.
SBB Cargos global business was transferred in 2011 to a new arm, SBB Cargo International, with transalpine intermodal operator Hupac holding a 25% stake.
Swiss intermodal operator Hupac with Chinese chemical producer Markor launched the 800m-long train with high-value chemical products.
Hupac production director, Mr Silvio Ferrari said: We plan to cover the distance of 8000 km in 18 days, crossing borders and fulfilling customs procedures of six different countries.
Existing shareholders LKW Walter, Hupac, Le Jeune Capital Partners, Bertschi and MSC will continue to maintain holdings.