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HURAHealth Utilisation Research Alliance (New Zealand)
HURAHuntington Urban Renewal Authority (West Virginia)
HURAHarvard University Retirees Association (Boston, MA)
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Within a few years, half of the Bedouin population moved into the these communities, which included the Bedouin city of Rahat, founded in 1971, now with around 55,000 residents, and Hura (population: 20,000), founded in 1989.
Customers expect agents to be aware of who they are and what they had tried to do in the IVR, and when they aren't, there are real repercussions, according to Hura.
bosque tropical subcaducifolio con Brosimum, Enterolobium, Hura, Acacia y Sapium, 9 de diciembre de 2006, F.
Director of Women's Affairs Shah Jahan Yazdan Parast said a dozen teachers were selected for the course, held in coordination with the Hura Hilal High School.
2 STAR TREK (1968): The third deason Plato's Stepchildren episode featured the first interracial kiss in a TV drama as Captain ames T Kirk snogged xy Lieutenant Nyota hura.
Nuri al Uqbi's small cinderblock home in a ramshackle neighbourhood of Hura, a Bedouin town in Israel's Negev desert, hardly looks like the epicentre of a legal struggle that some observers say threatens Israel's Jewish character.
Setsuko Hura in Late Autumn Yang Ik-Joon in Breathless
I make handicrafts, I have been working for the last five years and earn around 3000 rupees per month, there is not much to save but even if I save a little, I can get an account opened here, which will help me in the future," says Hura Bibi, an account holder with the bank.
Susan Hura, vice president of user experience at Product Support Solutions and founder of SpeechUsability, has heard her share of nondescriptive prompts.
The $6 billion (Dh22 billion) pledged by the donors [Gulf and western countries] will be used for projects over 15 years, but poverty can't wait 15 years," Al Iryani said during an interview with the Al Hura satellite television station on Monday.
Si como novela El hechizo de Gauguin es inferior a El paraiso en la otra esquina, a menudo encontramos episodios que Vargas Llosa desarrolla cola mas amplitud y maestria, como la compra de los aretes de cobre que Gauguin hace para su joven mujer; la rina en la playa de Concarneau --a la que asistia con la javanesa y su inseparable mono al hombro--, de la que el pintor sale rengo para toda la vida; la desavenencia por la carta en que Strindberg se niega a escribir el texto de un catalogo y que en el fondo era un cuestionamiento a los ideales de la belleza salvaje pregonados por Gauguin; el primer regreso de Tahiti a Paris, cuando Te hura ve partir al pintor mientras musita: "Vosotras ligeras brisas del sur y del Este, corred juntas hasta la otra isla.
They are showing pornographic movies in the cinemas and people are drinking alcohol in the streets and showing bad and immoral movies on the Hebrew media network [a reference to the American-established Iraqi media network] and Hura TV [a U.