HURFHighway-User Revenue Fund (Arizona Department of Transportation)
HURFHughes Undergraduate Research Fellow (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
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The six artistes who call themselves Al Hurf engage visitors through the exhibiA[degrees] tion 'Kn ya Makn' which opened at Opera Galleria this week while allowing them room to introA[degrees] spect.
"Al Hurf means to lead from the front," Rahma said.
The governor is also calling for an additional $10.5 million from HURF to fund preventative road surface maintenance, bringing the total budget for that up to $51 million, enough to fully fund all ADOT's preventative maintenance requests, according to the Governor's Office.
Muscat: Al Hurf Group, in association with Bait Muzna Gallery and with the support of the Omani Youth Committee, has announced the opening of their exhibition 'Kan Y Makn.' The exhibition will be held in the main hall of Opera Galleria, opening on October 7 at 7:30pm and will continue until October 10.
The HURF shift is nearly $70 million and that money is sorely needed after years of sweeps.
Ending the raid on the Highway User Revenue Fund known as HURF is a longstanding goal of lawmakers from both parties.
Year after year, one of the easiest ways for the Legislature and governor to find millions of dollars to plug holes in the state budget is to raid the Highway User Revenue Fund (HURF).
These interstates and state highways are primarily funded with revenues collected in the states Highway User Revenue Fund (HURF), which receives all revenues derived from charges on use of the roads and highways, such as gasoline and diesel taxes, driver and vehicle registration fees, and others.