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Daman Huri said Tengku Adnan was appointed as federal minister on May 16, 2013 and ceased to be a minister after Barisan Nasional's defeat in the 14th general election held in May 2018.
(8) Lieven De Winter, "A Comparative Analysis of Electoral, Office and Policy Success of Ethnoregionalist Parties", Lieven De Winter ve Huri Tursan (der.) Regionalist Parties in Western Europe, London&NY, Routledge, 1998, s.222-35; Pieter van Houten, Regional Assertiveness in Western Europe-A Statistical Exploration", April 2001, Grenoble, s.16, https://, (Erisim Tarihi 15 Ekim 2015).
When the final speech from the tangata whenua is over, the senior speaker will then use an expression such as "Kua huri te rakau ki a koutou (The stick of oratory is passed to you)" indicating that the paeke (speaking protocol) of his marae has finished.
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She has been exhibiting since 2008, and her most recent project, "Te Ao Huri Huri/The Turning World," was shown as a part of the Dunedin Matariki Festival in July 2014.
(3) Huri Islamoglu-Inan, "Oriental Despotism in World System Perspective," in The Ottoman Empire and the World-Economy, ed.
The EC and pH were maximum in Tando Adam water samples and minimum in Oderolal area samples; while HCO - and CO - were higher in Usman Shah Huri and lower in Tando Adam.
It also offers other ragi-based products and now intends to launch millet-based Ambli (a breakfast drink) and Huri Hittu (fried millet powder).MTR Foods has also been agile in tapping the ragi opportunity.
huri ute lavoa' (ambitions to rise to a big place, or more
Lawyer E[currency]imE-ek also criticized the decision to ban Huri Yylmaz, the wife of police chief Mesut Yylmaz, one of the police officers currently in Silivri Prison, from visiting her husband, as part of a series of actions that violate the arrested police chief's rights.