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HUSARHeavy Urban Search and Rescue
HUSARHeidelberg Unix Sequence Analysis Resources (biomedicine; Germany)
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Husar, R., and Coauthors, 2001: Asian dust events of April 1998.
The organization, which responds to an average of three calls a month, mostly related to underground fires from electrical systems or mobile mining equipment, was previously in talks to initiate more collaboration with Toronto's Heavy Urban Search and Rescue (HUSAR) Task Force.
En el repertorio chileno se incluyeron dos piezas que revisitan tiempos de la historia mas remotos pero tambien refractantes del presente: Reina del Teatro en el Blanco trata de un dialogo imaginario entre la Reina Isabel la Catolica y Cristobal Colon y El husar de la muerte sobre un heroe de la independencia de Chile.
She quickly thinks of the German folk song "Der Treue Husar" ("The Faithful Husar"), and "...though the soldiers cannot understand the words she sings, the simplicity of the melody and her vulnerability gradually moves them to tears, and they begin to hum and sing the tune with her..." (14) In a like manner, Carion also portrays how powerful music can be, particularly in war, in that it unites enemies.
Nevysylajcie me, pujdym jo sum, siednym na kunicka, bedym husar, ach, jaja, tralalala, siednym na kunicka, bedym husar.
Rudolf Husar, director of the Center for Air Pollution Impact and Trend Analysis at Washington University, explained: "The fog has a smooth surface on the top, which distinguishes it from mid- and high-level clouds that are more textured and have distinct shadows on their edge.
(9) Sao elas, Radio Komunidade Cafe-Ermera; Radio Komunidade Manatuto, RC Suai, Radio Lorlko Lian, Radio Komunidade Same; Radio Komunidade Maliana, Radio Komunidade Atoni Lifau, Oecussi; Radio Komunidade Hai Husar Aileu, Radio Komunidade Tokodede Liquica, Radio Komunidade Povu Viqueque, Radio Komunidade Baucau, Radio Komunidade Los paios, Radio Komunidade Hakambia, Radio Klibur, reunidas atraves do Centro Radio Comunidade (CRC).
(4) Sisi and Mau Demu are wife-taking sacred houses (feto sawa) for Fatumea, Lookeu and Dakolo who relate to each other as husar (literally connected by the umbilical cord) or maun-alin (older brother-younger brother).
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