HUSATHuman Sciences and Advanced Technology (Loughborough University; UK)
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He has worked as a human factors researcher and consultant at the HUSAT Research Institute since 1992.
The human factors specialists from HUSAT supported a group of user representatives who planned, commissioned and ran the prototyping activity.
At HUSAT (HUman Sciences and Advanced Technology), a research institute at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom, we have been investigating the problems associated with optimizing screen presentation of text as part of the British Library-funded Project Quartet.
"Adonis: Library User Trials with a CD-ROM Journal Database." HUSAT Report.
(22.) 'Rot yu inap kisim HIV/AIDS': sapos yu kuap wantaim narapela husat igat HIV/AIDS na yu no usim kondom.'
A series of field studies were conducted by researchers at the HUSAT Research Institute to address some issues associated with visual displays (Burnett & Joyner, 1993; Fairclough, Ashby, & Parkes, 1993).