HUSBHoward University School of Business (Washington, DC)
HUSBHyper-Universal Switch Box
HUSBHistorically Underutilized Small Business Coordinators (Indiana; est. 1999)
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I jest of course, as poor Husb gets such a bad press and is much more sinned against than sinning.
With that, the telly was switched off and Husb retired to the kitchen for an angry can of lager.
I've summed up my childhood there and Husb still thinks the countryside is something "other".
Perhaps with things that Husb has taught me about food?
Husb, ever the optimist, looks at the greasy grey clouds and suggests, through a mouthful of poached egg and mushrooms that, 'it's brightening up'.
I've dug out last year's Family Rules Of (Holiday) Engagement and I'm surprised to see little's changed, even though Husb has thinned on top, six teeth have been lost and I'm, well, less said soonest mended.
Shall I look for them?" ere is only one thing worse than rummaging through a disorganised cupboard in order to nd something and that's Husb rummaging through a disorganised cupboard in order to nd something.
Unfortunately it is not happening in the rose beds where we planted bushes to mark our children's birthdays or the olive tree my fatherin-law gave us or the heather Husb planted.
So I asked Husb if he wouldn't mind, on his way to play late-night football with his pals, if he could give the car the once-over.
Speaking of Husb, he's just texted asking if he may play golf on Saturday and then tennis on Sunday oh, and, um, maybe he'll have to do some work on Sunday night as well.
To Husb: Shall we have Christmas lunch in the nearby pub?
"We could," I whisper to Husb, "still win the Six Nations you know."