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HUSHHaemolytic Uraemic Syndrome Help (est. 1997; Hayes, UK)
HUSHUs in Hip Hop (New York, NY)
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The air in the pastures is sweet with the hush of dreams, and one may rest here like a child on its mother's breast.
But it was all very confusing, and not quite pleasant, so that Pollyanna was glad, indeed, when at last she found herself outside in the hushed, sweet air--only she was very sorry, too: for she knew it was not going to be easy, or anything but sad, to tell Jimmy Bean to-morrow that the Ladies' Aid had decided that they would rather send all their money to bring up the little India boys than to save out enough to bring up one little boy in their own town, for which they would not get "a bit of credit in the report," according to the tall lady who wore spectacles.
I can hear again, as I write, the intense hush in which the sounds of evening dropped.
"Hush! Hush, in Heaven's name I Suppose HE heard you, you unfortunate Raoul!"
He raised a warning hand for silence as he whispered to me, "Hush! Go back to bed.
"Hush!" he said, in a loud whisper, "Tell nobody--all for Jacob-- hush--sh--sh!
As silent rivers into silent lakes, Through hush of reeds that not a murmur breaks, Wind, mindful of the poppies whence they came, So may my life, and calmly burn away, As ceases in a lamp at break of day The flagrant remnant of memorial flame.
"Hush, dear, hush and listen!" said her more charitable companion.
(she says)--'hush it up!' I'll take my Bible oath before the magistrate," cried Mrs.
"Hush, dear," said the little girl, trying to comfort him; "we don't any of us want to be soup.
A darkened and hushed room; the river outside the windows flowing on to the vast ocean; a figure on the bed, swathed and bandaged and bound, lying helpless on its back, with its two useless arms in splints at its sides.
Audibly the elm-leaves whispered Peaceful, pleasant melodies, Like the distant murmured music Of unquiet, lovely seas: While the winds were hushed in slumber In the fragrant flowers and trees.