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HUSKYHealth Care for Uninsured Kids and Youth (Connecticut)
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By evening Perrault secured another dog, an old husky, long and lean and gaunt, with a battle-scarred face and a single eye which flashed a warning of prowess that commanded respect.
What were you pleased to say?" he exclaimed, with husky resentment.
Mr Verloc's husky conversational voice was heard speaking of youth, of a fatal infatuation for an unworthy -
"With a voice like that," he said, putting on the husky conversational pedal, "I was naturally trusted.
It got darker and darker, and it was a beautiful time to give the crowd the slip; but that big husky had me by the wrist -- Hines -- and a body might as well try to give Goliar the slip.
At last he said, in a deep, husky voice, "Now, if aught of harm befalls thee because of this day's doings, I swear by Saint George that the red cock shall crow over the rooftree of this house, for the hot flames shall lick every crack and cranny thereof.
His voice was slightly husky and strained, and a nervous twitch in the corner of his mouth followed speech.
"I hear one speak from the grave!" returned the husky tones of Esther, as the wagon passed the spot where the criminal stood.
When he withdrew the latter, a low and husky voice at his elbow asked in smothered tones--
It was almost morning, when Defarge's wine-shop parted with its last knot of customers, and Monsieur Defarge said to madame his wife, in husky tones, while fastening the door:
One of the titles of the record is HUSKY E-SERIES MACHINES (Trade Name Record).
Under his management, Kenora Husky Car/Truck Stop's sales increased to $2.4 million in 1988 and $3 million in 1989.