HUSSEHungarian Society for the Study of English
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As the mere numbers might already suggest, it is impossible to do justice within the limits of this brief report to the whirl of events that often included eight or nine parallel sessions, five plenary lectures and such memorable academic-social gatherings as the Awards Ceremony, the introduction of recent HUSSE publications and the HUSSE general meeting.
For me, as a first year PhD student, the 11th HUSSE Conference in Budapest was the first occasion to get acquainted with the wider community of scholars and fellow PhD students working in the field of English Studies.
As a regular participant in HUSSE conferences since 2001, I had mixed expectations regarding Eniko Bollobas's new initiative--that of a ninety-minute introduction of more than a dozen recent HUSSE publications.
The conference was also a pleasant reassurance for me that the usual objections to such large-scale events as the HUSSE conference with the non-descript overarching theme of "English Studies" are not necessarily well-founded.