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Speculation on the transmutation of the name Hughes into Husse finds another variant in the 1908 "Christmas Bulletin" which suggests that the name Fort Augustus itself derives from a mispronunciation of Fort Hughes:
(1) Fort "Lause" is likely the journalist's interpreted spelling of "La Hus," or "La Husse," an early Metis name for Edmonton asserted by some to be a corruption of the name Fort Hughes.
Husse franchise owners can run the business from their home and do not need not to have a store front or employees.
The Husse grant was also vetted and is supported by The Veterans Directory, and the organization has produced a short video about the opportunity.
Husse Arizona is now accepting applications for the grant through the Sept.
In January of this year (24th-26th), I had the honour of being invited by HUSSE, The Hungarian Society for the Study of English, to their conference held in Budapest, to give a plenary lecture and performatively open the conference.
Special events also were given pride of place, in particular the Hungarian Book Award (senior and junior categories), and the Hungarian Scholarship in English and American Studies, with its presentation of the books and summaries of recent HUSSE publications.
The conference, which has always been both a major event in the life of the Society, and a most prestigious forum of academic dialogue for all Hungarian--and an increasing number of other European--scholars involved in English Studies, was also a celebration of twenty years since HUSSE was set up.
As the mere numbers might already suggest, it is impossible to do justice within the limits of this brief report to the whirl of events that often included eight or nine parallel sessions, five plenary lectures and such memorable academic-social gatherings as the Awards Ceremony, the introduction of recent HUSSE publications and the HUSSE general meeting.
On the chemistry of Estonian oil shale // Kogerman, P., Luts, K., Husse, L.
Thermal decomposition of oil shales // Kogerman, P., Luts, K., Husse, L.
The first studies on determining the character of neutral oxygen compounds were performed by Husse [2], the presence of hydroxyl, carbonyl and ester groups was shown in dephenolized fractions of shale oil produced by retorting.