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HUSTHanoi University of Science and Technology (Hanoi, Vietnam)
HUSTHuazhong University of Science and Technology (China; also seen as HZUST)
HUSTHarbin University of Science and Technology (China)
HUSTHarrisburg University of Science and Technology (Pennsylvania)
HUSTHongik University Security Team (South Korea)
HUSTHook-Up Selection Tool (oil & gas industry)
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'As the University expands its downtown Harrisburg footprint with this second academic tower, Stantec's work for HUST represents the latest in a growing trend for health sciences education,' Alex Wing, principal for Stantec.
According to Hust, Understanding the real-life consequences of exposure to and perceptions of this type of advertising can help mitigate the risk of sexual assault among college students, female college students in particular.
Jack Hust, father of the bridegroom, served as best man.
Focusing on combining learning and research with manufacturing and considering technology innovation and promotion as its task, HUST has established a group of advanced science and technology enterprises with Huagong Tech Co as example.
But hust when it looked like the Flyers had nailed the Giants Huppe banged in a second on 50.39 before claiming his hat-trick on 58.49 to push the game into overtime.
First, there was the sudden death of Loida's hust)and of 24 years and TLC Beatrice founder Reginald F.
Hust and her colleagues also found that acceptance of music media's degradation of women was associated with unhealthy sexual consent negotiation.
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Also attending the bride were Hattye Anna Dallas, Allison Rea Dallas, Kayla Joanna Murphy, Keely Brooke Rutledge, Jennifer Hitt Staton, Joanna Blackwell Pryon, Kate Adrian Keenan, Sarah Hust Reynolds, Sarah Denise Corbett, Natasha Suzanne Vitart, Amanda Gail Watson, and Anna Claire Williamson.
Hust (Goethe-Institute, Germany) and Mann (FernUniversitaet, Germany) present 12 papers that, from varying perspectives, analyze significant issues of urban governance in India.
In the same weeK that Prime Minister David Cameron was in China, urging closer trade LINKs, a distinguished Chinese delegation came to Huddersfield from the Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), which is based in the large city of Wuhan, capital of the Hubei Province.
replacement, Grant County; apparent low bidder was Hust Construction of Wenatchee.