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HUTSHostages, Unknowns, Terrorists, Shooters (sniper term)
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My hut, I thought, would be empty, for nobody sleeps there except myself, and the huts of Noma were some paces away to the right.
In fact, we could hear them passing to and fro among the huts, making inquiries, and at last Chal-az thought it best to go to the doorway of his dwelling, which consisted of many huts joined together, lest they enter and search.
Keeping well in the shadows of the huts he commenced a systematic search of the village--ears, eyes and nose constantly upon the alert for the first intimation of the near presence of Meriem.
This the chief agreed to, stipulating the kind and quantity of game to be paid in return for flour, goats, and fowl, and a certain number of huts that were to be turned over to the visitors.
Armed men rushed from the interior of many a hut and raced madly across the clearing toward the excited sentry.
The first few villages he came to were deserted, showing that news of the coming of his pack had travelled rapidly; but toward evening he came upon a distant cluster of thatched huts surrounded by a rude palisade, within which were a couple of hundred natives.
Through the centre runs a wide pathway intersected at right angles by other pathways so arranged as to cut the huts into square blocks, each block being the quarters of a company.
For an hour he crept about in the rear of the various huts and tents in an effort to locate that in which his master's mate was imprisoned.
The Prince lifted her on to his horse, and soon they reached the hut, where the old woman got down, and turning to the Prince said, 'Just wait a moment, and I will give you something.
The second hut was easier to erect, for I built it against the first, and only three walls were required.
In the meantime, the hut had become thronged by the able-bodied officers and men of the two ships.
Suddenly he heard Denisov shouting in a vibrating voice behind the hut, evidently much excited.