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HUUHull University Union (UK)
HUUHealth Unlimited Urunana
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Item 42: 'shows shoes on request' correctly indicated by 85% of the HUU but only 47% of HEU participants
Item 43: 'mother reports that child uses spoon himself but spills some'--passed by 85% of the HUU versus 59% of HEU participants
hands, hair, feet, eyes, nose'--passed by 65% of HUU versus 41% of HEU participants.
Five of the HEU and 2 of the HUU infants required at least one hospital admission for acute infection during their first 18 months of life, while 3 of the 5 HEU infants had two hospital admissions (Table 3).
All but 1 of the HEU infants were formula-fed, while all HUU infants were breastfed for a median of 12 weeks.
A significantly greater percentage of mothers in the HUU group (45%) versus the HEU group (11%) admitted to smoking during pregnancy (p=0.
There was no significant difference in the General quotients of HEU and HUU participants, which correlates with findings of previous studies in Africa.
Increased stunting among the HUU participants was an unexpected finding.
In particular this meant that any effect of the cultural imbalance between the HEU and HUU groups could not be adequately adjusted for.
There was no difference in performance on the GMDS between HEU and HUU infants, except for the Personal/social scale, where the HEU participants did significantly worse.