HUYSHenderson United Youth Soccer (Nevada)
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melaniceps are recorded frequently in marine, estuaries, brackish water and salted lagoon ecosystems (Dussart, 1967; Huys et al., 1996; El-Shabrawy and Belmonte, 2004).
Une analyse des mesures de latitude prises sur le lieu d'hivernage, Het Behouden Huys, revele que les mesures typiques avaient une precision de 15' a 20'.
Terminology used in descriptions follows Huys and Boxshall (1991).
Leo doubles as Ragsdale's core trainer twice-a-week and is also coached by Huys.
Here, we often find the highest density of chemoreceptors along the antennule (Huys and Boxshall 1998).
(12.) Huys G, Rigouts L, Chemlal K, Portaels F, Swings J.
The upcoming projects of the company are Motia Huys and GuildFord Square in residential and commercial segment respectively.