HV1Hypervariable Region 1 (forensic science)
HV1Hirudin Variant 1
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Two pairs of primers were used to amplify HV1 of control region of the mitochondrial DNA in Simplex-PCRs as follows: CAP-F (5'- CGTGTATGCAA
The HV1 of control region (fragment of mtDNA) was generated successfully encompassing between 534 and 632 base pairs.
Para la PCR, se usaron los siguientes cebadores (primers) de la region HV1 del D-loop del ADNmt del chiguire:
Se reportan por primera vez secuencias para la region HV1 del D-loop del chiguire, una especie de importancia ecologica, economica y cultural en muchos paises de Sur America.
Under pressure of 100 Mpa, the fully dense structure with hardness of 2222 HV1 was obtained at 1593 K in 3 min, which is comparable with literature.
5 100 16 R4 1613 0 50 16 R5 1613 0 75 16 R6 1613 0 100 16 R7 1613 0 200 16 R8 1593 3 100 100 Sample Properties of the compact Hardness, Hardness, Density, HV1 HV10 g/[cm.
Nucleotide sequence data obtained from population database samples must include a minimum of HV1 (positions 16024-16365) and HV2 (positions 73-340).
In most cases, no attempt will be made to determine the exact number of bases in an HV1 C-stretch; however, laboratories must develop their own interpretation guidelines for HV2 length variants.
Chemical composition and hardness of the substrate steel Grade of the steel Composition, wt% Hardness HV1 Normalized Hardened C45 0.
Contract award notice:With this framework, we invite you in this European tender to submit a tender for the supply of two (2) emergency vehicles HV1 including technical maintenance of the Safety Drenthe.
2]] A 504 44 84 B 521 46 82 Ferrite grain Material HV1 0 size [[micro]m] A 138 8.
Results of porosity and hardness measurement of manufactured parts from Powder1 and Powder2 Stainless steel parts Porosity, % Hardness, HV1 Powder1 Less than 1% 278 [+ or -] 57 Powder2 Less than 1% 226 [+ or -] 69 Tab.