HV1Hypervariable Region 1 (forensic science)
HV1Hirudin Variant 1
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Additionally, a total of 310 unique mtDNA sequences based on HV1 and HV2 results are associated with the project as of February 2018 (2,980 samples processed).
Co-localization of NOX5, Hv1, and CatSper in the principal piece of human sperm and functional characteristics of each of them, encouraged to investigate the interactive function of these proteins on [Ca.sub.i.sup.2+] and ROS generation.
The following ion channels are involved in sperm maturation: CatSper, pH-regulated, calcium-selective ion channel, KSper (Slo3) and the HV1 voltage-gated channel [33].
The most important Hv1 activating factors are membrane depolarization, extracellular alkalization and anandamide.
One of the most important parts of the mtDNA for this purpose is HV1 (hypervariable 1 of control region).
3 (measured by Buehler Micromet 2001 microhardness tester (HV0.05) and Indentec 5030 SKV Vickers hardness testing machine (HV1, HV10 and HV50)).
In an attempt to improve the resolution of the analyses, the hypervariable region I (HV1) was amplified and sequenced, by means of the amplification of five overlapping fragments.
Hv1, a channel whereby certain immune cells are known to discharge protons, had similar electrical properties to sperm.
One person (1474-strain) had a lineage (i.e., HV1) that is thought to have a western Eurasian origin.
The electrical properties of the sperm were similar to those of certain immune cells that are known to discharge protons through a channel called Hv1.
The newly discovered Hv1 protein channel may allow for new ways to modify the activity of sperm in either direction, Kirichok added.