HV2Hirudin Variant-2
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Additionally, a total of 310 unique mtDNA sequences based on HV1 and HV2 results are associated with the project as of February 2018 (2,980 samples processed).
Gene expression of cytokines/chemokines were first compared between treated and non-treated groups inoculated with the same variant, at the same period, 5 or 10 days p.i (ex: hv3 non-treated 5 days us hv3 siRNA treated at 5 days); a second comparison was made between groups at the same condition, inoculated (with same viral variant) treated and non-treated but at different periods, 5 and 10 days (ex: hv2 siRNA treated at 5 days us hv2 siRNA treated at 10 days).
* HVA-2, a N-N'-m-phenylenedimaleimide, which will be designated HV2;
So if harm comes to a child because of a failure on our part, you've got to take that into consideration' (HV2)
Nucleotide sequence data obtained from population database samples must include a minimum of HV1 (positions 16024-16365) and HV2 (positions 73-340).
'If people have poor housing then they are more likely, the children are more likely to be ill' (HV2)
it is aimed to help the client change their bad behaviour by altering their thinking style which in turn will affect their feelings' (HV2)