HV2Hirudin Variant-2
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The most significant observations were the increase in cure speed of the HV2 coagent.
The data generated in this study show that only the HV2 material caused any significant change in Shore A hardness of the material.
The HV2 and the TAIC dramatically decreased the elongation.
The HV2 shows a significant increase in Young's modulus, with a 4 phr level providing an increase from 5.
At an 8 phr level, the HV2 and the TMPT showed significant improvements over the control compound.
At coagent levels of 4 phr, it was determined that some short term heat aging, 70 hours at 150[degrees] C, showed improvements in elongation retention: -14% for the control compound versus -5% for the HV2 compounds and -7% for the SR519 compound.