HV2Hirudin Variant-2
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Condiciones de arranque Modulo Nivel del Tanque Principal Nivel Maximo Valvula de Control CV1 Abierta completamente Valvula esferica HV2 Abierta completamente Motor 25 H.
The most significant observations were the increase in cure speed of the HV2 coagent.
The data generated in this study show that only the HV2 material caused any significant change in Shore A hardness of the material.
The HV2 and the TAIC dramatically decreased the elongation.
The HV2 shows a significant increase in Young's modulus, with a 4 phr level providing an increase from 5.
At an 8 phr level, the HV2 and the TMPT showed significant improvements over the control compound.
Nucleotide sequence data obtained from population database samples must include a minimum of HV1 (positions 16024-16365) and HV2 (positions 73-340).
In HV1, the homopolymeric C-stretch region typically starts at nucleotide position 16184, in HV2 the homopolymeric tract is found between nucleotide positions 303 to 315.
Cannot Exclude--If the sequences from questioned and known samples under comparison have a common base at each position or a common length variant in the HV2 C-stretch, the samples cannot be excluded as originating from the same person or maternal lineage.
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