HV3Hirudin Variant 3
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Gene expression of cytokines/chemokines were first compared between treated and non-treated groups inoculated with the same variant, at the same period, 5 or 10 days p.i (ex: hv3 non-treated 5 days us hv3 siRNA treated at 5 days); a second comparison was made between groups at the same condition, inoculated (with same viral variant) treated and non-treated but at different periods, 5 and 10 days (ex: hv2 siRNA treated at 5 days us hv2 siRNA treated at 10 days).
For hv2, the lethality rate was 100% in non-treated and 70% in treated groups (p = 0.27; HR = 0.57); for hv3, the lethality was 60% in non-treated and 80% in treated groups (p = 0.21; HR = 1.97) (Fig.
(26) <<Un problema central en el planeamiento militar chileno es la HV3, esto es, la hipotesis de un conflicto contra los tres paises vecinos al mismo tiempo, es decir, lo que paso a Paraguaya fines del mil ochocientos: los militares chilenos saben que no pueden combatir en una misma guerra a tres enemigos>> (Luis Maira, entrevista privada}.
La mediacion no solo salva a ambos paises de una guerra inminente -porque la manipulacion de la guerra y de la paz que realizaron las elites llevo al conflicto del Beagle casi a un descontrol final- sino que, especialmente en el caso de Chile, si pensamos en la HV3 y las dudas existentes respecto a su armamento militar, resguarda la existencia de un solido sustento territorial que lo ampara como nacion (82).
We've got families that have been in five or six different addresses in the same amount of months' (HV3)
health visitors are in primeposition to offer this service as we provide the core con tacts with mothers' (HV3)
'Yes, it was challenging and at times I didn't like being challenged really.' (HV3) 996-97
Perhaps we should have an audit trail of how many situations are fuelled by alcohol because that would give us a good opportunity (HV3).
We never say 'Well that's it now, tarra love!' (HV3).
Because it's so complex, I don't think I miss it, but on the other hand I might (HV3).