HVABHigh Volatile A Bituminous (coal)
HVABHigh-Voltage Analog Backplane
HVABHigh-Voltage Analog Bus
HVABHash Virtual Address Buffer
HVABHighland View Advisory Board
HVABHydraulic Vehicle Arrest Barriers
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The contract is for the provision of services of general building maintenance and facilities of the New Hospital Vital Eulvarez Buylla, hereinafter HVAB, located in Mieres.
For higher-channel-count applications, automated test engineers can take advantage of the 12-slot USB switch mainframe, which includes an NI SCXI-1001 chassis, a USB adapter and a HVAB.
Installation and operation of vending machines in the Hospital : - Food service for security personnel and other authorized personnel of HVAB, consisting in the development and provision of personnel mentioned food service that meets your needs.