HVASHigh Value Added Services
HVASHigh Volume Air Sampler (product)
HVASHigh Velocity Arc Spraying (metals)
HVASHoliday Villa Alor Setar (Kedah, Malaysia)
HVASHiawatha Valley Audubon Society (various locations)
HVASHorizontal Visual Analogue Scale
HVASHuron Valley Audubon Society (Pontiac, MI)
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Due to the relaxation nature of the HVAS, the magnitude of the deformation is constant according to the preset program.
As also a simulated device, the software IOMMU is implemented in the I/O process, exposing API to translate GIOVAs to HVAs for the simulative DMA engine.
Paying more attention to HVAs and event recovery rehearsals may become crucial to surviving nursing home surveys down the road.
The health visiting service recognised that CNNs and HVAs were actively supporting health visiting teams with many services including behaviour management and Healthy Child Programme sessions (Department of Health, 2009).
Anne-Mette Hvas ve ark.'lari (15) 125 pmol/L'nin (169 pg/ml) altindaki duzeyleri B12 eksikligi olarak tanimlarken, 125-250 pmol/L (169-338 pg/mL) deger araligindaki B12 duzeylerinde homosistein-metiyonin dongusunun iyi calismadigi (DNA sentezinin, metillenmenin iyi olmadigi), metilmalonikasidurinin olusabildigi bir "gri bolge" oldugunu ifade etmisler, ancak 250 pmol/L'nin (338 pg/mL) ustundeki B12 degerlerinin yeterli gorulebilecegini bildirmislerdir.
(17.) Munch M, Hvas J, Christensen T, Moller-Larsen A, Haahr S.
Clarke R, Sherliker P, Hin H, Nexo E, Hvas AM, Schneede J, et al.
White River Valley selected a deserving cooperative family and went to work completely upgrading insulation, appliances, HVAS, lighting, etc.
He and his crew provide part of the 360-degree defensive perimeter to protect HVAs transiting in and out of harbors and inner coastal waterways.
The primary outcome measures were: 1) oxygen saturation (Sp[O.sub.2]) using pulse oximetry, 2) oxygen flow (litres per minute), 3) respiration rate (per minute) and 4) comfort using a horizontal visual analogue scale (HVAS).
Even though HVAs often impose a right-of-first-refusal agreement with nonprofits if a developer opts to sell the property at the end of the 15-year affordability period, many nonprofits may not have the resources necessary to finance the acquisition or recapitalization necessary for these aging properties.