HVBGCHuron Valley Boys and Girls Club (Ypsilanti, MI)
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Prior to dissemination, the surveys were pilot-tested with individuals who had a dental hygiene background, including 2 UM Dental Hygiene faculty members, 2 UM dental hygiene graduates from the class of 2009 who had experience with the HVBGC and 4 dental hygienists with no BGCA experience.
First, an in-person announcement was made to the 3 UM Dental Hygiene classes of students, and a phone call was made to the HVBGC director.
Surveys distributed to both the class of 2012 and the classes of 2010 and 2011 were divided into 3 additional sections: access to care, BGCA knowledge and service opportunities at the HVBGC. For the class of 2012, the access to care questions were formatted to allow insight about the student's perceptions of people who lacked ability to obtain dental care in the U.S., and the BGCA questions enabled the authors to determine if the students were knowledgeable about this population prior to their UM Dental Hygiene service learning experience.
The survey results indicated the students from the class of 2012 felt a service learning experience at the HVBGC would provide professional benefits.
The students from the classes of 2010 and 2011 were asked questions that evaluated the benefits they felt they gained from participating in an oral health promotion program at the HVBGC. The survey showed that 55.9% felt their experience at the HVBGC had helped to develop their interpersonal skills.
When asked if the students would volunteer or work on an oral health project at the HVBGC in the future, 76.7% responded they would.
Attendance Average # HVBGC Average # Percentage of HVBGC members present/day Garden Club members present at (Total # members Garden Club sessions members/#days) present/day (Total # members/* days After-school 22 7 34% program (15 days) Summer 74 20 27% program (11 days) Total (26 44 13 29% days) Club members actively participated in all aspects of the garden initiative.
HVBGC Member and Volunteer Participation Hours: Hours of HVBGC Garden Club member and volunteer participation were documented for 2010.
Meal/Snacks Prepared and HVBGC Members Fed: Data for meals/snacks prepared and members fed is listed in Table II.
The HVBGC garden initiative provided an opportunity for club members to develop and apply knowledge in gardening, nutrition, healthy life choices, and giving to those less fortunate.
Thank you to the Huron Valley Boys and Girls Club: Gregory Fleming, HVBGC Advisory Board member/horticulturalist; Frank Rigger, HVBGC Club Director; and Gayle Hane, HVBGC Program Coordinator.
Total pounds of fruits and vegetables yielded by HVBGC garden = 423 yield eaten by HVBGC members, 77% yield donated to Salvation Army 21% yield spoiled 2% Figure 1.