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HVCHaifa Verification Conference
HVCHigh Velocity Cloud (galactic cloud made of mostly atomic hydrogen)
HVCHolographic Versatile Card (digital storage medium)
HVCHidden Valley Camp (Granite Falls, Washington)
HVCHigher Vocal Center (brain region)
HVCHome Video Computer (Nintendo)
HVCHudson Valley Council (New York)
HVCHearing and Vision Connections
HVCHope Valley College (UK)
HVCHigh Voltage Capacitor
HVCHeart Vascular Center
HVCHidden Valley Club (Vernon, NJ)
HVCHyper-Velocity Cannon
HVCHerp Vet Connection
HVCHigh Value Customer
HVCHigh Voltage Condenser
HVCHigh-Value Criminal
HVCHandbal Vereniging Compas
HVCHorizontal Vertical Colors (screen resolution)
HVCHuntsville Voice Control
HVCHigh Value Compound
HVCHayden's Viburnum Compound (herbal remedy)
HVCHigh Valley Camp
HVCHarvest Valley Computer (Homeland, CA)
HVCHyatt Vacation Club (St. Petersburg, FL)
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The HVC 450P chargers will be delivered in February 2019 with operations due to start in August that year.
The report says that Azerbaijan is the second most successful country where DIT HVC is implemented, adding that since October 2015, to support the HVC, DIT, together with the Ministry of Economy, BP and SOCAR, runs the UK/Azerbaijan Partnership Programme to promote and support collaboration between UK and Azerbaijani companies in the oil and gas sector.
ABB is due to deliver the first of two HVC 300P fast chargers towards the end of 2018, when the cooperative venture between Volvo Buses and NTU gets underway.
Losses in HVC were concentrated mainly in Region 4-B where typhoon "Nona" made its second landfall.
Each HVC offers 10 functions, including face detection, face recognition, age estimation, gender estimation, facial pose estimation, gaze estimation, blink detection, facial expression estimation, hand detection, and human body detection.
HVC embeds OKAO on a hardware platform optimised specifically in terms of its digital and optical design for this application.
Dr el-Rakeeb mentioned that another charlatan appeared on satellite TV, announcing that he had discovered a treatment for HVC.
The hepatitis C virus (HVC) is the main risk factor for HCC in many western countries and in Japan, where of the more than 30,000 deaths each year from HCC, 70% involve HVC.
HVB and HVC infections account for nearly half of the liver transplantations performed annually in the U.
HVC greyhound oddscompiler Ian St Pier also does a bit for the horseracing side as well.
The Corgi and HVC registered firm also deal with the installation of new and replacement central heating.
Conversely, high HCV prevalence was found in groups at risk: antibodies were present in 12 of 15 hemodialysis patients, and HCV RNA was found in 6 of the 12 HVC antibody-positive patients (genotype 2ac, the same as in our study); 7% of a cohort of 58 HIV-1 patients receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy had a positive HCV serologic result (7,8).