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HVCHaifa Verification Conference
HVCHigh Velocity Cloud (galactic cloud made of mostly atomic hydrogen)
HVCHolographic Versatile Card (digital storage medium)
HVCHidden Valley Camp (Granite Falls, Washington)
HVCHigher Vocal Center (brain region)
HVCHome Video Computer (Nintendo)
HVCHudson Valley Council (New York)
HVCHearing and Vision Connections
HVCHope Valley College (UK)
HVCHigh Voltage Capacitor
HVCHeart Vascular Center
HVCHidden Valley Club (Vernon, NJ)
HVCHyper-Velocity Cannon
HVCHerp Vet Connection
HVCHigh Value Customer
HVCHigh Voltage Condenser
HVCHigh-Value Criminal
HVCHandbal Vereniging Compas
HVCHorizontal Vertical Colors (screen resolution)
HVCHuntsville Voice Control
HVCHigh Value Compound
HVCHayden's Viburnum Compound (herbal remedy)
HVCHigh Valley Camp
HVCHarvest Valley Computer (Homeland, CA)
HVCHyatt Vacation Club (St. Petersburg, FL)
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Today, augmented reality is regarded as a highly effective sales tool and more than 8,800 optical stores actively use the HVC Viewer app.
To identify risk factors connecting HVC and HCC, the research group conducted a genome-wide study on a group of 3,312 Japanese individuals carrying the hepatitis C virus.
It can convert between different color-space systems, including XYZ; Yxz; L*a*b*; L*C*H; HVC Hunter L,a,b; W; WB; and Y1.
The HVC - Honda Scooter Manufacturing Plant - HaNam - Construction Project Profile contains information on the scope of the project including project overview and location.
th] Annual Brain Mapping Day at the US Congress, Congress Visitor center, HVC 201 on May 19[sup.
Despite being the best evidence yet for a magnetic field inside an HVC, the origin of the Smith Cloud's field remains a mystery.
Dr Khalaf added that deaths were due to sepsis in seven patients, recurrent hepatocellular carcinoma in six patients, recurrent HVC cirrhosis in three patients, and uncontrolled upper gastrointestinal bleeding in one patient.
This is especially important, as Egypt is a big country, with about 9 million citizens suffering from HVC.
The firm , which is Corgi and HVC registered, will also deal with the installation of new and replacement central heating.
Ron Smyth, who has been training for 44 years and has won major races with HVC, Convamore, Flash Imp and Boxer, is to retire at the end of the season as he reaches the age of 75.
The SNP association with HCC risk was confirmed in an independent replication study on a population of 2335 HVC carriers, 710 with HCC and 1625 without HCC.
However, amongst other things applicants for registration must provide documentation from a competent registration authority of an EU member state - in this case the HVC - confirming current membership and good professional standing.