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HVDCHigh Voltage Direct Current
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ULTRANET is a joint-venture project between Amprion and TransnetBW, and forms the southern part of one of the three planned HVDC corridors between northern and southern Germany.
Regionally, spending is much more volatile; different trends, regulatory environments, stages of electrical grid development, political priorities and distributions of fossil and non-fossil fuel resources shape the authorisation and construction of HVDC projects.
The four platforms that make up the first phase of the development will be entirely powered from shore by the HVDC link supplied by ABB.
Following the inquiry, and even if permission is eventually granted, HVDC could yet face a judicial review, which would push development back further.
Following the inquiry, HVDC could yet face a judicial review, which could then impact on CoW's hopes of hosting MotoGP next year.
HVDC technology provides the advantages of efficient long distance transmission, with the ability to transfer more power.
The Control of an HVDC Transmission System is greatly influenced by the AC/DC System Strength.
HVDC technology was actually developed in the 1950s and it was discussed in Alaska as part of the proposed Rampart Dam project, a very large hydro project considered for the mid-Yukon River in the 1960s.
Alstom has extensive and growing experience in the HVDC sector, most notably with the Rio Madeira project it currently has underway in Brazil - set to be the world's longest HVDC link at 2,375km when commissioned in 2013.
ABB pioneered high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission technology more than 50 years ago, and the introduction of HVDC Light 10 years ago represented a landmark evolution that enabled a host of new applications including wind parks far out at sea and underground power transmission over large distances.
We identified potential advantages and disadvantages to adding transmission lines and using HVDC technology.
Bechtel will also oversee the installation of advanced HVDC converter technology and high voltage DC cables to bring power from the offshore wind turbines to the onshore converter stations.