HVDDTHIV Vaccine Design and Development Teams (US NIH)
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Actual results may differ materially from the above forward-looking statements due to a number of important factors such as whether funding for the HVDDT program will continue over the five-year term, the ability of a vaccine, composed of specific epitopes from conserved regions of multiple HIV virus proteins, to make it harder for the virus to escape the vaccine-induced immune response and that the Company may not be able to develop pharmaceutical products using epitopes.
The HVDDT program responds directly to President Clinton's call to increase public-private cooperation in developing vaccines against globally important diseases such as AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.
The HVDDT program is a unique addition to this model that encourages the private sector to increase their AIDS vaccine efforts while allowing NIAID to work closely with its partners throughout the development process.
The HVDDT program encourages pharmaceutical companies to invest more in AIDS vaccine research by partially offsetting their financial risk.
HVDDT awards are incentive-based contracts aimed at vaccine candidates in the middle of the development pipeline -- those not yet in clinical testing.
5 million HVDDT contract from the NIAID to develop a universal, preventive HIV vaccine, PENNVAX[TM]-GP, with broader global coverage.