HVDHBHutt Valley District Health Board (Hutt Valley, New Zealand)
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The student placements expanded further in 2006 when Vibe began hosting a new graduate nurse funded by the HVDHB.
In 2004 the Vibe Service received the Primary Health Care Excellence Award from the HVDHB and in 2005 the NP received a Primary Health Care Innovation Excellence award from the HVDHB for her practice within the Vibe service.
Involvement with broader policy development is observable in the NP's contributions to regional initiatives of the DHB through membership of the HVDHB PHC Leadership Group and the HVDHB Community and Public Health Advisory Group.
The process for Magnet recognition at HVDHB occurred in several phases over a number of years:
The expo created an overall picture of nursing excellence and elevated the profile of nursing at HVDHB.
They needed to collect an enormous amount of information that accurately described the state of nursing services at HVDHB against the Magnet criteria.
Nurses found articulating their practice difficult and indeed HVDHB itself found it a challenge to collate data identifying nursing-specific contribution to patient outcomes.
The overall message was that allied and medical staff held nurses at HVDHB in high regard for their professionalism, skill, autonomy and ability to communicate effectively.
In this way, all staff had every possible opportunity to have their say and appraisers could document their opinion of how nursing excellence is embedded in the systems and culture of HVDHB.