HVEHigh Volume Evacuation
HVEHome Value Estimator (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation)
HVEHigher Vocational Education
HVEHigh Value Engineering
HVEHome Video Entertainment
HVEHandspring Visor Edge (PDA)
HVEHyperion Visual Explorer (software)
HVEHigh Visibility Enforcement (traffic safety)
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HVE is now a considerably stronger company with significantly less debt and well positioned for continued future growth in our core markets," said HVE Chief Executive Officer Russell Shade.
The project we are undertaking for HVE will not only define the strategic goals of the company's e-business initiatives but also outline the recommended technology solutions required to meet those goals well into the future.
The addition of HVE on BasisValues is an example of our commitment to continually offer solutions that make lending processes more efficient," stated Michael Johnston, president and chief executive officer, Basis100.
RES' agreement with Freddie Mac enables them to establish resellers for HVE and Calibrator and allows for direct distribution to end users.
This document contains certain forward-looking statements as that term is defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, including statements about expected revenue increases at HVE.
NHTSA has fully implemented the high-visibility enforcement program by (1) developing and disseminating advertising, (2) coordinating with states on media and enforcement activities, and (3) annually evaluating the effectiveness of the two HVE campaigns; however, NHTSA's evaluations have shortcomings that limit the agency's ability to determine the effectiveness of the campaigns.
The HVE also allows the consumer to get a bird's eye view on the subject property, including up-close and aerial views, sometimes so specific that small items on lawns or even a car in a garage are discernable.
The Plan provides for, among other things, the cancellation of High Voltage common stock and the establishment of the HVE Liquidating Trust.
We have chosen HVE as its developers are all UK based and it shares the same passion for delivering an easy to use platform that we have at Enterprise Study.
The main objective of suctioning is to hold the inlet of the HVE attachment close enough to the source of aerosols to evacuate those aerosols, while avoiding suctioning of the patient's intra-oral soft tissues, and avoiding contact of the HVE attachment with the handpiece, cavitron or other instrument that the dentist is using.
I HVE been privileged to witness many great races at Punchestown, including the wonderful match between Dawn Run and Buck House in 1986, but the performance that has stayed with me most vividly is one whose 30th anniversary occurs this year.