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HVESHigh Voltage Electrical Stimulation (neurophysiology)
HVESHighland View Elementary School (Silver Spring, MD)
HVESHighland Valley Elder Services (Florence, MA)
HVESHidden Valley Elementary School (Martinez, CA)
HVESHarbor View Elementary School (US and Canada)
HVESHemlock Valley Electrical Services (est. 1976; Canada)
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cm] on the working surface of the HVCAS anode during the time of exposure to a spark from one high-current discharge of the HVES capacitor bank.
e] (kg) of metal emitted outward by a high-current spark from the anode electrode for one spark discharge in the HVES circuit with CSE and the working air gap of the HVCAS in question, we obtain the following calculated ratio:
e] from the electrode-anode of the investigated switch for one discharge of powerful CSE in the HVES circuit is directly proportional to the charge [q.
Experimental verification of the results of calculating the electrical erosion of steel electrodes in the HVCAS discharge circuit of the HVES with ENE.
2 the results of such electrothermal action on these steel electrodes of the high-current plasma channel of an air spark discharge occurring in the HVCAS of the experimental HVES ([U.
d](t) in the discharge circuit of the experimental HVES with powerful CSE was carried out using a measuring coaxial shunt of the IHK-300 type, certified by the state metrological service, with an intrinsic active resistance of about [R.
d](t) with the first half-wave of negative polarity in the discharge circuit of the HVES of its ATP at the total duration of the current pulse [t.
d](t) in the circuit of the experimental HVES with CSE according to (6) corresponds to the calculated maximum radius [r.
In accordance with the proposed new engineering approach to approximate calculated energy estimates and electrical erosion in large metal electrodes in the HVCAS of atmospheric pressure, performing switching in a discharge circuit of the HVES with powerful CSE, only necessary data on the electrical and thermal characteristics of the anode metal and its cathode TES averaged conductivity [[gamma].
c] of a pulsed air spark that is constant during the whole process of oscillating or aperiodic discharge of the CSE of the HVES on the electric load can be used.
The performed high-current experiments in the HVES discharge circuit with powerful CSE confirmed the reliability of certain obtained and used formulas calculation relations (in particular, formulas (6), (10), (15) and (16)) for approximate estimation of energy dissipation and electric erosion of massive metal electrodes of TES in the investigated HVCAS of atmospheric pressure.