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HVGHanseatische Veranstaltungs GmbH (German company)
HVGHunter Valley Gardens (Pokolbin, New South Wales, Australia)
HVGHypertrophie Ventriculaire Gauche (French: left ventricular hypertrophy)
HVGHigh Voltage Gate
HVGHyper Velocity Gun
HVGHuisartsen Vereniging Gent (Dutch: General Practitioners Association Gent; Gent, Belgium)
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The HVG as shown in Figure 1 is the combination of a conventional DVG and a third glass sheet, separated by a gas-filled cavity with an edge spacer bar and sealed with butyl rubber.
0 Average temperature, [degrees]C 91 104 110 Peak temperature, [degrees]C 99 116 128 Table 5--compounds used for extrusion trials Compound based Compound based on AEM GXF on AEM HVG AEM GXF 100 AEM HVG 100 N550 carbon black 52 50 Stearic acid (release) 1.
The Finnish media group SanomaWSOY Oyj is reportedly to acquire a majority shareholding in the Hungarian weekly business newspaper HVG.
The HVG 5000 could supply DC voltage up to 5 kV within [+ or -] 10 [[micro]Ampere] of electric current.
Hopfenextraktion HVG, Wolnzach, Germany Barth, Raiser & Co.
In Hungary, the economic newsweekly HVG intially "was the only real critical and semi-independent paper," said editor Ivan Lipovecz.
0 methosulfate (and) cetearyl alcohol) Cutina HVG (BASF) (Hydrogenated vegetable glycerides) 2.
Products introduced over the years (Vamac DP, HVG, GXF, DHC, etc.
Gyorgyi Kocsis, deputy editorin-chief of Hungarian political magazine HVG, said: "If you ask any Hungarian about Wales the first thing that comes to mind will be a poem by one of our most respected writers, Janos Arany, who lived in the 19th century.