HVLVHigh Value/Low Volume
HVLVHigh Velocity-Low Volume
HVLVHigh Volume, Low Value (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service; Australia)
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MIL draws attention to the quality of results that are achieved with the HVLV system.
Now fully established and operational at MIL'S Lye premises near Birmingham, the introduction of the HVLV system into this country brings for the first time an advanced, highly effective solution to one of the key issues in the processing and engineering industry in the UK--effectively creating new opportunities for the market.
Godfrey & Wing's High Value/Low Volume (HVLV) Impregnation System is the latest innovation in vacuum impregnation.
Mining services provider Viento Group will be acquiring portable switchroom manufacturer HVLV, based in Hazelmere, in a deal worth a $21 million.
HVLV deals in manufacturing of switch rooms for mining, oil and gas, and industrial projects and operates an 8000 square metre workshop on a 4.5 hectare leased site.
For the six months ended June 30, HVLV is expected to contribute $35 million revenue.
Supply of the GIS will be carried out inside a single, completely fitted and transportable pre-fabricated building manufactured by HVLV in the capital city of Perth, said Alstom.