HVOHawaiian Volcano Observatory (USGS)
HVOHealth Volunteers Overseas
HVOHydrogenated Vegetable Oil (solid fat)
HVOHøgskolen I Volda (college in Volda, Norway)
HVOHrvatsko Vijeæe Obrane (Croatian Defence Council, Bosnia)
HVOHyatt Vacation Ownership (Global Hyatt Corp.)
HVOHydrotreated Vegetable Oil
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6% interest in HVO directly from Yancoal and the companies will work together to acquire Mitsubishi Development Pty Ltd.
Alternative fuels like GTL diesel and HVO differ from conventional diesel in that they contain near-zero aromatics, sulphur and have a high cetane number (typically >70).
HVO is a paraffinic fuel, also known as synthetic diesel, which can be produced from a variety of vegetable and animal sources.
UKTI HVO specialist Shakir Khaja said: "Opportunity is here, but it's important to choose right opportunity as we all share on same plate.
But the research into trans fats showed your chances of having a heart attack when you ate around five grams of HVO in a day (equivalent to about one Danish pastry) increased by 28 per cent.
The results show the DU value of HVO, CVO, TVO and CSVO are shown in Table 6 to be 60.
HVO will likely need volunteers during the rest of this year and early in 2013.
Offering an aesthetic appeal with decorative lens options of open, eyelid, quadrant and band, the Fail-Safe HVO 15 LED from Cooper Lighting is available in three wattages: 20-W, 30-W and 40-W.
The Harvest Grain Parisienne is HVO and GMO free with no added sugar or fat.
com or contact members of The Mastersingers or HVO.