HVOFSHigh Velocity Oxy-Fuel Spraying
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Such a reduction of the reinforcement's volume was most probably caused by the phenomenon of the loss of the coarser part of the feedstock powder during the HVOF spraying process [4].
Structure and tribological characteristics of HVOF coatings sprayed from powder blends of [Cr.sub.3][C.sub.2]-25NiCr and NiCrSiB alloy.
Parameters of HVOF spraying Oxygen supply pressure 1.45 MPa Oxygen flow pressure 0.97 MPa Oxygen flow 55.22 [m.sup.3]/h Kerosene supply pressure 1.17 MPa Kerosene work pressure 0.83 MPa Kerosene flow 0.02 [m.sup.3]/h Combustion pressure 0.71 MPa Nitrogen pressure 0.50 MPa Nitrogen flow 1.62 [m.sup.3]/h Spraying distance 380 mm Table 3.