HVPHydrolysed Vegetable Protein
HVPHigh Velocity Protection (Wiley X eyewear)
HVPHorizontal & Vertical Position
HVPHigh Voltage Protection
HVPHigh Value Product
HVPHigh Vapor Pressure
HVPHub Voice Processor
HVPHolly Voice Platform (Holly Connects)
HVPHigh Vacuum Process
HVPHigh-Video Pass
HVPHigh-Velocity Projectile
HVPHigh-Velocity Particle
HVPHops, Valerian Root, Passion Flower (herbal sleep remedy)
HVPHigh Viscous Pill (well drilling)
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Based on a media release on the US Navy website, dating from 5th August 2015: "The HVP, combined with the Mk.
The new task force, called HVPS+, will build on the existing HVPS market practice documented in MyStandards that focuses on ensuring interoperability with FIN messages in the cross-border space.
Malin said that the transaction enables it to leverage the considerable expertise embedded within HVP and extend its network without building out its own infrastructure.
Commitments to the Fund were made by many prior HVP fund series investors along with several new clients from across the globe.
Out of total successful candidates, maximum number of successful candidates belonged to the Congress followed by BJP, Janata party, Lok Dal (INLD) and HVP.
The plaintiff, a manufacturer of HVP devices, was one of four suppliers to the market.
In 2004, Victoria-based HVP Plantations became the first Australian forestry company to be awarded FSC certification, and subsequently, the first to have dual certification together with the AFS.
In light of the recent recall involving HVP, companies may find that product formulations for products containing HVP (or a seasoning containing HVP) need to be revised.
Also making its debut was HVP high volume process and Ipro high process print anilox roll technology, the latter designed for high print speeds and high line count applications in process printing.
From the bird flu to HVP virus, Y2K, SARS virus and the dirty-shoe-bombers in airplanes, no such quote could be truer than what Franklin Roosevelt said in his March 4, 1933, inaugural address to the nation: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
Print 2010: A Seven-Year Forecast, High Volume Printing: HVP, 21(1), 32-65.
The HVP can be used at large scale fires and floods, either pumping water in or out in vast quantities.