HVPDHeavy Vehicle Parts Division (UAP Inc.; Canada)
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The experimental equipment was composed of a HVPD system, a pressure-bearing pipeline system, and a measuring system (Figure 1).
This set up ensures the stability of the HVPD and meets the strength of the electrode.
A significant energy conversion resulted from the breakdown of the water gap by HVPD. This was accompanied by strong electromagnetic radiations and a voltage/current break in the loop of the instruments [26].
(1) Power supply: a single-phase alternating current (220 V, 50 Hz) was supplied to the HVPD system.
The voltage, current, and WSW pressure waveforms from a typical HVPD process are illustrated in Figure 4.
The plasma is the energy-transforming component of the HVPD. Augmenting the [U.sub.D] values reduced the resistance of the plasma, which increased the [I.sub.P] and [P.sub.P] values in the plasma channel.
We cannot ignore [P.sub.H] when applying HVPD during unconventional gas well fracturing and in deep sea environments.
For HVPD with larger energy (e.g., 1.5 kJ), the theoretical discharge voltage of Sun Bing was 200 kV (only 7kV in our experiment).
In the process of HVPD, Jones found that the conductivity of water almost had no effect on the discharge process [28].
A larger [U.sub.D] always strengthened the effect of HVPD and the WSW properties.
The [P.sub.H] augmentation demonstrated its "inhibiting" effect on the HVPD process.