HVPEHydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy
HVPEHalide Vapor Phase Epitaxy
HVPEHigh-Voltage Paper Electrophoresis (biochemistry)
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GT will develop, manufacture and commercialize the HVPE system incorporating Soitec Phoenix Labs' (a subsidiary of Soitec) unique and proprietary HVPE technology including its novel and advanced source delivery system that is expected to lower the costs of precursors delivered to the HVPE reactor.
We have been working for more than 6 years on GaN epi processes and have created this breakthrough HVPE technology critical in producing high-quality and low cost GaN layers on sapphire substrates," said Chantal Arena, VP and general manager of Soitec Phoenix Labs.
No unusual accumulations of lower Ins Ps were observed in HVPE analyses (data not shown).
The resulting substrate has a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) that is nearly identical to GaN yet offers an industry standard sapphire growth surface (available in both c- and r-plane sapphire orientations) suitable for MOCVD and HVPE growth environments.