HVPLHuron Valley Public Library (Flat Rock, MI)
HVPLHigh Vapour Pressure Liquid (Standards Australia)
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Lack of the existing control methods and HVPL protection is their fragmentariness, they are not compatible among themselves and cannot be applied to continuous complex monitoring of a condition of each of the HVPL supports.
At the Karaganda State technical university the distributed system of protection and diagnostics of structural elements of the HVPL supports was developed [14-20]:
Distinctive feature of system is its complexity that has allowed to solve within one project problems of protection and diagnostics of construction elements of HVPL in various parameters on the basis of the integrated telemetry and uniform approaches to design.
High reliability of the telemetry channel is provided with use of various communication channels between the local subsystems located on the HVPL support and a subsystem of processing and storage of information at control offices with automated variant choice (radio modem and cellular communication).
The hybrid current sensor controls two parameters of leakage currents of suspension insulators HVPL [24]:
Formation of ice and snow sticking on HVPL wires happen at high humidity higher than 85% and air temperature in limits--(2/5)[degrees]C.
When comparing signals of the support acceleration in three planes and a support deviation corner on HVPL axis, and also temperature signals and air humidity with the preset values, the probability of icing process origin on current carrying wires is defined [19].
On each HVPL support three sensors of leak currents according to phases are placed.
2 options of cathodic protection of underground elements of the HVPL support design are developed:
Radio modem, cellular communication with an automatic choice of channels of transferring information in the conditions of the powerful electromagnetic fields directed in the HVPL elements when transporting the electric power is used for telemetric information transmission to the control office.
The passport of each support of a HVPL controlled section which supports archive of information on technical condition of construction elements of HVPL support, trends of leakage about the current alert conditions with localization of the place, time are created in the control office.
Predicting mathematical development models of alert conditions, and also controlled elements aging of HVPL support construction were created on the basis of the analysis of the current values of leakage, technologic forecasting of frosting HVPL current elements is provided.