HVPTHigh Volume Production Trial (vehicles)
HVPTHappy Vertical People Transporter (Douglas Adams)
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where [[delta].sub.mk] [approximately equal to] [I.sub.mk]/[S.sub.0] is the amplitude of the critical current density in a conductor at its EE; [I.sub.mk] is the amplitude of the current flowing through the conductor at the time of its EE; [U.sub.e] is the near-electrode voltage drop in the edge zones of a sublimated conductor numerically not exceeding 10 V [12] for its basic metals used in HVPT and HPC technique.
In [14], data were presented for calculating the value of [J.sub.k] for other conductive materials used in HVPT and HPC technique for EE of thin metals when the current density [[delta].sub.k] in them is not less than [10.sup.10] A/[m.sup.2].
This questionnaire is non-invasive in nature compared to the HVPT. It is considered to be an accurate indicator for hyperventilation within the multidisciplinary setting (Chaitow et al 2002).