HVRCHemet Valley Recovery Center (California)
HVRCHudson Valley Raptor Center (New York)
HVRCHalden Virtual Reality Centre
HVRCHarpenden Village Rotary Club
HVRCHope Valley Riding Club
HVRCHudson Valley RNA Club
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Initial research conducted by the HVRC, showed that displacement ventilation has the potential to reduce energy savings by up to 30 percent, while still maintaining ventilation effectiveness.
Addendum G of ASHRAE Standard 170 expands the options engineers have to save energy in hospital while maintaining or enhancing the safety of patients and staff," said Bob Gulick, M+NLB's Chief Mechanical Engineer and HVRC member.
Key collaborators to the effort include HVRC steering committee members, Paul Marmion and Ray Pradinuk, from Stantec.