HVSBHigh Voltage Switchboard
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On the other hand, although again F is free from most of the characteristic y errors, there are a handful of passages in which F agrees in error with some or all of the y MSS: 1 ab eo multa F with HVSB; 46 putantur F with HVSB; 68 est qui non F with GHVSB; 86 esse nullam sentiunt with [O.sup.2]RLQGHVSB; 99 plus vicisse F with RLQGHVSB.
The behaviour of [O.sup.2], and also of [G.sup.2], may conceivably cast light on the history of the y family, since they provide early evidence for readings later to be found in HVSB.(48) This parallels the situation regarding the Cato Maior text, in which [O.sup.2] shows affinities with M (= L of Laelius), H (and [H.sup.2]), S, and B; but in contrast with the Cato Maior, [O.sup.2] does not provide for the Laelius any substantial number of markedly superior readings not otherwise attested in earlier MSS.(49)
Other errors of GHVSB: 14 Manilius: manlius GVSBZ (mallius H); 22 qui (potest esse): quae [G.sup.1]HVSB; 43 futura:futura sit GHVSB; 51 secuta: consecuta HVSB, consecutata G; 82 pro altero: ab altero [G.sup.1]HVS1B; 100 exardescit' ardescit GHVSB.
(20) The variants of HVSB are too numerous to list in full; again many of them are alterations of word order.