HVSCHigh Voltage Sid Collection
HVSCHuron Valley Soccer Club (Michigan)
HVSCHudson Valley Ski Club (Poughkeepsie, NY)
HVSCHuron Valley Steel Corporation (est. 1961; Michigan and Alabama)
HVSCHillcrest Village Soccer Club (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
HVSCHorizontal Vertical Squeeze Casting (aluminium extrusion technology)
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This is a very large, complex housing produced using CONTECH's P2000 HVSC process.
Based on previous experience with a similar squeeze casting, SPX Contech used its proprietary P2000 HVSC process to develop parts that achieved a minimum ultimate tensile strength of 276 MPa and a minimum 0.
Contech used its CONTECH P2000 HVSC process with a 2000-ton Prince DCM, incorporating a vertical shot into a die split vertically, with horizontally moving die blocks.