HWCDSBHamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board (Ontario, Canada)
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Palminder was in grade five when she transferred to HWCDSB and was included in a regular class for the first time.
Collaborative strategies such as Resource Teams, MAPs, and Circle of Friends highlight an essential element brought to education by HWCDSB personnel, students, and parents.
It is of interest to note that HWCDSB teachers were among the study participants.
In HWCDSB, all students attend regular classrooms in their community schools, with very few exceptions.
The HWCDSB's goal is to remove these walls and celebrate the whole child.
How Does Education in HWCDSB Differ From That in Other School Systems?
HWCDSB's primary strategy is to have all students attend regular classrooms of community schools.
HWCDSB prefers to recognize each student's positive aspects and to build on those traits in an environment in which everyone can see how everyone else learns every day.
HWCDSB also believes that teachers, and not tests, reveal the most about children's learning.
HWCDSB finds a more appropriate controlling variable is the need to be with other students of one's age.
The goal of the HWCDSB is to have all students in age-appropriate general education classrooms in their neighborhood schools.
In working with the families and peers of students with exceptionalities, HWCDSB has several collaborative strategies, such as MAPs and Circle of Friends.