HWCVDHot Wire Chemical Vapor Deposition
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On the other hand, the HWCVD has gained a good reputation in the synthesis of different metal oxide nanoparticles.
Subsequent to the construction of the HWCVD experimental setup, the synthesis of many metal oxides, specifically the MgO, nanoparticles was followed.
Shi's research involves the application of laser spectroscopic and laser ionization mass spectrometric techniques to study the important reactive intermediates in the process of HWCVD of silicon-containing films.
To demonstrate the suitability of textured Sn[O.sub.2] glasses for thin-film solar cell applications, p-i-n solar cells have been fabricated by HWCVD on original and etched Sn[O.sub.2] glasses with a 500 nm thick intrinsic absorber layer.
The a-Si has been reported to be deposited by typical physical vapor deposition (PVD), hot-wire chemical vapor deposition (HWCVD) [6], plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) [4], magnetron sputtering deposition [7], ultrahigh vacuum ion beam sputtering (UHV IBS) [8], and so on.