HWESHunters Woods Elementary School (Reston, VA)
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The statistical tests are done in this cohort of all the cases with elevated HbA1c levels pre-operatively and statistical analysis is done by calculating chi-square test and the significance with P value for the findings of the study group with HWES for patients having HbA1c levels, indicating moderately and very high values, indicating the severity or poor glycaemic control.
The results are assessed by applying Hollander Wound Evaluation Score (HWES) during the post-operative reviews on suture removal and on first month followup.
Each group with elevated HbA1c levels showed the following group specific HWES. In the group with HbA1c within 7% to 8%, scores of 6 at suture removal are seen in 155 cases and at one month in 6 cases.
Statistical Analysis of Wound Healing with Elevated HbA1c Levels in TKA HWES 6 at HWES 6 at Marginal SR One Month Row Totals HbAlc 7% 155 (151.22) 6 (9.78) 161 to 8% [0.09] [1.46] HbAlc > 108 (111.
The AACN's HWE Assessment tool is a web-based, 18-item assessment tool that uses a 5-point Likert scale ranging from strongly disagree (1) to strongly agree (5).
To complete the HWE Scale, respondents had to follow an additional link.
The lack of participation on the HWE portion of the study confirmed initial concerns.
* Universally employees search for a HWE. Whether caring for a critically ill patient, selling computers or driving a school bus, concepts such as communication, respect, teamwork, leadership, and recognition are important aspects to employee retention and job satisfaction.
* HWE's can be applied across cultural, religious, divisional, and regional lines.
AACN & Vital Smarts: Healthy Work Environments When Speaking Up is Important AACN Standards for Sustaining HWE Observing a rule being broken Skilled communication Believing a mistake is about True collaboration to happen A caregiver needs your help Effective decision making You question a caregivers Appropriate staffing levels competencies Allowing status quo to continue Meaningful recognition Seeing disrespect or intimidation Authentic leadership Micromanagement Following the brief presentation, the audience was divided into small groups.